Things to Do Before Contacting a Towing Company

Vehicle accidents could cost several expenses even if it was a relatively minor collision. If you are to blame for the accident, you could be accountable to pay most or all of the harms that others incur. But, before you contact towing companies, what actions must you take if you’re deemed to be at fault in a vehicle accident? To know more, here are some courses you might take: 


Collect and document information 

The first thing you should be doing is to collect as much info and details regarding the collision as you can. This means acquiring the contact info and names of the accident witnesses, snapping pictures of the scene, and a police report copy. Moreover, you need to look for any video during the incident since you can use this as your argument to the claim that you are the one who caused the accident. The more details you have on the incident, the more chances you can get to prove that you are not totally accountable at all.  

Contact your insurance provider about the incident 

Your insurance company should acquire all the evidence you have gathered. This is to provide your provider a greater opportunity to defend itself counter to any statements that other passengers or drivers make.  

Contact your lawyer 

If a person wants to immediately sure you after the accident, it is highly recommended to contact your lawyer. This is vital because legal counsel could review the case’s evidence and make a way to lessen your liability.  

Contact a local towing company 

After the accident, you should do the best of your abilities to make your vehicle in a similar position as it was after the incident happened until the whole thing has been documented. The greatest means to take is to call a professional towing company near you to thoroughly move your dented car to the mechanic. If you immediately left and drove away from the scene without making a record of everything, it would be more challenging for you to prove your innocence. If you do that, you could be accountable for more expenses or worse, you could have misconduct or police record within your area. 


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